Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hurricanes and travel agents

Hurricane Irma
Source: NASA SPoRT (public domain)
Thinking of all those impacted with this crazy weather.

Those cruising in the Caribbean at this time will find their itinerary changed, or their cruise cancelled. Some may be stranded to need their flights changed.

Now ask me if it's worth booking your flights with a travel agent.

Would you rather stress over trying to get your flights changed yourself, or know someone is doing that for you?

Travel agents have access to teams of air experts at their air wholesalers who can do amazing things.

If your airline has already rebooked you, your travel agent either knows, or can quickly find out, and can inform you.

If your travel agent knows you'll be stranded overnight, they might have already grabbed one of the last hotel rooms available.

Imagine the relief of getting an email, text or phone call from your travel agent, informing you of your new flights, while those around you stand in lines, sit on floors next to power outlets, and generally look miserable. You, however, can go to the bar.

(I obviously don't have anyone impacted, this time, or I wouldn't have time to write this).

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