Tuesday, September 5, 2017

For the love of cities

Paris will steal your heart...
Photo: Paul Marshman
I'm delighted to share this city-loving travel content from one of the travel industry's top bloggers (he's also a client). Paul Marshman, aka The Travelling Boomer, has a way with words.

Long before I coined "cruisetravelbug", I was, and still am, "citytravelbug"... I love city travel, living like a local, exploring local haunts, hanging out in sidewalk cafes and coffee shops (a few bars too). What cities inspire you? I hope you enjoy Paul's piece, and if you're left craving a city break, I can help you plan your trip.

The world is full of cities. Big cities, small cities, pretty cities, rough cities – they come in every shape and size. But now and then, you travel to a city that really captures your imagination, a place where every street corner seems to hold something magical. I’ve had that experience, and I imagine you have too.

So I thought it would be fun to look at some of those special cities around the world — cities that will steal your heart and leave you with warm memories that last for year. The list isn’t long; not that many cities pass the test, at least in my judgement. In fact, a few cities that others rhapsodize about have left me a bit cold... [read more].

Want to plan a city break? Please contact me.

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