Sunday, December 29, 2013

What story do you want to tell post-cruise?

Rolling with the punches and having a few laughs!
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I've noticed there are 3 different types of people on a cruise, when it comes to how they respond when things go wrong.

3 types of people missing luggage on a cruise:
1. joking about wearing the same shirt
2. acting glum in the same shirt
3. seething about wearing the same shirt

3 types of people with damaged luggage on a cruise:
1. sharing luggage stories at the bar
2. miserably nursing a drink at the bar
3. berating the bartender

3 types of people who miss the ship, arrive 1 day late on a cruise:
1. sharing travel delay stories
2. pouting poolside
3. acting angry in the atrium

Will you be pouting poolside?
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So, ask yourself, what kind of story do you want to tell post cruise?
1. what you saw/did/ate
2. we got over it, had fun
3. how "they" ruined your vacation

Are you going to let a snarl up ruin your cruise?
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How you see things colours your experience.

With any kind of travel, things go wrong. You should expect it. The difference maker is how you respond.

When things go wrong on your cruise, of course it is natural to be frustrated or disappointed. And, yes, if there is something to complain about, then file your complaint. Then shake it off, put it aside, and get on with your vacation.

There's no sense moping around the ship with a black cloud over your head, thinking 'poor me'. The only person's vacation you are going to spoil is your own.

So, roll with the punches, and get on with having a fabulous vacation...