Friday, December 2, 2016

Capturing Travel Memories

Chiara in Amalfi Coast for Flytographer
Have you ever thought that your special trip deserves more than selfies?

What about one of these... Have you ever:
  • Felt disappointed by your travel photos?
  • Wish your Instagram travel pics stood out more?
  • Been disappointed by the results of a "here, let me take your picture" offer? 
  • Wondered if that stranger you asked to take your picture might run off with it?
  • Worried that you might lose your camera with all your vacation photos on it?
If you'd like capture your travel memories in a truly unique way, there is a brilliant solution, just waiting for you - right in your destination!

Flytographer is a network of local photographers, worldwide, that you can arrange prior to your arrival, for a private photoshoot.

This isn't your parents' posed photographs... these are casual moments captured during your day, moments of joy or contemplation, meaningful to you.

If you want a photograph of you doing something in particular (think jumping in the air or sharing a kiss), your photographer will help you capture the moment, all while making it feel spontaneous.

Planning a big moment, such as proposal? Flytographer can do that.

All Flytographer photographers are professionals, and you can view their work online before booking, so you know what you are getting. In some locations, there may be multiple photographers available to choose from.

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