Friday, February 3, 2017

Wave season 2017: looking for some cruise deals

Once again, I was pleased to be interviewed by Paul Marshman, a client of mine and the globetrotter behind the Travelling Boomer blog. This time, the topic was what the cruise industry calls the "wave season". Here's the piece:
Wave season 2017: looking for some cruise deals 
Wave season 2017 is here. And those who love to cruise know what that means: it’s time to plan their cruises for the year ahead. This year, that means looking for ways to add value to your cruise package.
For those who aren’t in the know, wave season is the period between January and March when the cruise lines try to fill their cabins for the season ahead. Since many of the cruises are still a ways off, they try to entice passengers by offering special deals in return for booking early. So, how are the deals in wave season 2017? ... [read the rest of the article].
I hope you found a few good tips from this piece. Paul's blog is loaded with practical travel information - I encourage you to check it out! And, of course, I'd be pleased to help you navigate the wave season offers to find that perfect cabin for you!

You can read the previous Travelling Boomer blog post I was interviewed for here:
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You can contact Paul Marshman here:

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