Monday, February 20, 2017

Able to travel? JUST GO!

I was moved to tears today when I received an email from a client, giving up their bucketlist travel dreams. They'd booked and cancelled, then almost rebooked twice, each time stymied by health issues. Only a week ago, my heart soared upon learning they were well enough to travel, and we put the wheels in motion. At 79, they could finally make their dreams come true. Then today the email saying they realized it was too much, apologizing for wasting my time on their impossible dream. How does one respond to that? With heart, of course, acknowleding what a disappoinment this realization must be. Sadder stil was reading the words of the husband, as it's his health that is the issue, impacting them both. 

THE LESSON: Travel when you can. Have your health, then go. Retired and now able to travel? Book a bunch of trips and go. Beware the temptation to spread out those important trips, one at a time, over many years ~ treat yourself to going now, not later, because you never know. This is hard for people who have worked hard, saved money, and aren't used to spending on themselves. But this is what you saved for. 

Today you can go, so go. Chase your dreams. Do the big trips now, the important ones to you when you can. 

My clients will get over not taking a particular cruise, but this very kind man is living with regrets that he never got to explore his homeland, to visit the villages where his grandparents were born. These are the dreams that matter. You know what dreams are in your heart, what you've always wanted to do. 

PLAN IT, DO IT, CREATE MEMORIES. Don't put it off.

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