Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cruising Solo (UPDATED with current offers)

One of the few things I don't like about cruising is the solo supplement. If you have ever cruised solo, then you know what I am talking about!

The solo supplement, or single supplement, is a premium
charged to solo travellers when they choose to cruise alone. The
amount ranges from 10 to 100% of the standard cruise fare.
In other words, most solo cruisers pay DOUBLE the cruise fare of their shipmates.

It gets under the skin of any solo cruiser. And no matter what justification the cruise lines may use, it's going to hurt.

Having paid this premium more times than I care to remember, upon entering the cruise industry, I made sharing information on cruises and cruise lines with reduced or no single supplement a focus of my work.

I am passionate about helping you avoid the dreaded solo supplement, allowing you to enjoy your cruise without quietly seething as you sit next to someone in a deck chair who paid half what you did.

RECENT OFFERS FOR SOLO CRUISERS (updated November 16, 2013):
OTHER RECENT SOLO TRAVEL OFFERS (updated November 16, 2013):

Confused? I'd be happy to give you a hand. Please contact me if you'd like my help!


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